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Have You Seriously Considered The Option Of Cheap Ffxiv Gil?

Have You Seriously Considered The Option Of Cheap Ffxiv Gil?

Final Fantasy 14: Tips On Gil Farming

Gil is a key in-game currency used by players to purchase weapons, equipment, houses and mounts in Final Fantasy XIV. Players can earn it by completing job quests and levequests as well.

Earning FFXIV Gil through traditional methods is time consuming; many players opt to buy it from reliable websites such as MMOGAH instead.


Like other MMOs, Final Fantasy XIV provides reliable Gil sources. Quests often yield gear or Gil rewards for completion; raid boss chests provide more opportunities. Furthermore, daily duty roulette provides small amounts of Gil to earn and players can trade Grand Company seals for items that sell well on the Market Board.

Botanist and Miner professions can also be rewarding to those who pursue them, providing materials used in crafting high-end weapons, armor, orchestrion tracks and ephemera – which can then be sold or traded back to Materia vendors who then create more complex gear.

FFXIV Gil can also be generated in other ways, but these require additional investment of both time and skill. These methods include completing main story quest lines, pug dungeons to level up quickly, playing Market Board updates that may change demand for gear, buying from Marketplace prices fluctuation etc.


As in any MMO with non-RMT currency systems, FFXIV’s core gameplay provides plenty of Gil sinks – quests award it, chests in dungeons and raid bosses often provide it (in addition to gear), while FATEs offer some bonus Gil for running random content that would normally not warrant your time otherwise.

An effective and straightforward way of making FFXIV Gil is through leve quests – they typically take no time at all to complete, and many reward not only Gil but also materials that sell well on the market board or Grand Company Seals that you can exchange for exclusive items.

Keep in mind that different worlds’ market boards may offer drastically varying prices; therefore, using an independent price-checking website may be extremely useful in making sure that you’re not overcharged.


Gil is the main currency in Final Fantasy XIV and players must accumulate plenty of it to advance through the game. Gil can be used to purchase items from shops and the market board as well as from questing, guildleves and duty roulettes – plus selling weapons or equipment can yield additional gil. Accumulating large amounts can take time; luckily there are numerous websites selling f14 gil for quick purchase.

MMOGAH stands out amongst its competitors by providing quick delivery with exceptional customer service, such as real gamers who know their way around MMOG. Their friendly reps are available around the clock to assist customers with any inquiries or problems they might be having with FFXIV Gil purchases – plus free exchanges/returns make buying it simple on-the-go!


Gil is the global currency of the game world, used to purchase items, consumables, orchestrion tracks and equipment; level up and repair weapons and armor; gain sidequest completion marks or plant and harvest zell trees to gain them; buy from vendors/inns or escape battle using Flee or Quina’s Millionaire ability; obtain it by defeating enemies/completing sidequests/notoriously marked marks/planting zell trees to earn it from vendors/inns or via Quina’s Millionaire ability/Flee or Flee abilities or by defeating enemies/completing sidequests/sidequests/notoriously marked/plant/harvesting them in exchange for winning battleground control, it can also help gain levels/repair weapons/armor. Obtainible upon defeat of enemies/sidequest/completing side quest/notable marks/completeing sidequest/notable marks/completing side quest/notable marks/planting/harvesting Zell tree, as well as by planting and harvesting Zell tree’s fruit! Gil can also be bought from vendors/inns as well as by flee or Quina’s Millionaire ability or Flee or Quina Millionaire ability.

Players start the game with 10 FFXIV Gil , which they can spend in their Bazaar or acquire through various methods including auction houses, guildleves, dungeons and the Challenge Log. Gil can also be purchased from other players through Market Board or mail although these methods tend to be less reliable. Gil may also be earned through quests, missions, errands completed and purchasing rumors in Taverns; reaching Rank IV of either Fields of Valor or Grounds of Valor training regimes will earn additional gil in addition to any regular salary earned based on SeeD rank.


Purchase Final Fantasy XIV Gil is one of the quickest ways to amass currency in this massively multiplayer online role-playing game, since players can use this money to purchase equipment and furnishings for their homes as well as make transactions at player market boards where sellers offer goods for sale.

Earn Gil quickly by completing daily duty roulettes and the Challenge Log – open-world, level-synced questing content similar to World Quests found in WoW that offer company seals, experience points and small amounts of Gil in return.

Crafters and gatherers can quickly make Gil by selling raw materials, ore, furniture and concoctions on the Player Market Board through Retainers. Since IR materia prices have fallen drastically with the latest patch update, this method offers another quick way of quickly earning Gil. Crafters may also use this approach when raising their iLvL cap by quickly buying quality gear without spending hours farming tomes – saving time farming books while making money!


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