How do I extract TripAdvisor hotels and restaurants data without coding?

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  1. For scraping TripAdvisor data without using code several companies such as Scraping Intelligence, iWeb Scraping, X-Byte Enterprise Crawling uses a web crawler that will extract the data from TripAdvisor for hotels and restaurants.

    It is technology that extracts data into an organized format like as Excel or CSV files. TripAdvisor Data Scraper may be used to scrape hotel and restaurant reviews, emails, addresses, rewards, and a variety of other TripAdvisor features. You may use the tool to look for information about a certain hotel or restaurant by entering the name, location, or zip code.
    Here are the basic steps of using web crawlers:
    • Installing the TripAdvisor Web scraper
    • Search for the targeted website that you want to scrape
    • Scraping the required data
    • Export the data in the required format such as CSV, JSON, or Excel.

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