How to make your fireplace look better with ledger stone?

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    The finest do-it-yourself projects have three characteristics: You can perform them without specialised tools or heavy equipment, they can be finished throughout a weekend (or at best, a few days), and the final product looks like a million dollars!


    Installing your own piled stone fireplace surround fulfils these requirements admirably. It may not be the greatest project for a complete novice, but if you’re comfortable with your basic DIY abilities, it’s a worthwhile endeavour. No grout is necessary. The stacked stone veneer panels are designed for easy installation and a lifetime of enduring beauty, and you’ll appreciate the price.


    Ledger panels are carved from genuine, natural stone — quartzite, marble, sandstone, slate, and other stones – so you may get the timeless appearance of a solid stone wall with natural character and warmth. Stacked stone fireplaces are a stunning focal point for any indoor or outdoor space.


    We want to share a few tricks of the trade that will ensure a quality installation and make the stacked stone installation procedure more efficient.


    Before you begin, make sure to read all manufacturer’s directions thoroughly. 


    • Don’t forget to measure the area at least twice thoroughly. You will be pleased you took the time to double-check your measurements since even experts make errors sometimes. When buying stone veneer panels, acquire 10 percent more than the minimum required to cover your specified dimensions to account for cut pieces and wastage.


    • Before starting the job, you must gather all the necessary tools and materials. Projects run much more efficiently when you don’t have to pause your work to get a device or make a trip to the store.


    • Protect the flooring with a heavy-duty drop cloth, newspaper, or a roll of surface protection paper. This will save you some time cleaning up after a dirty procedure.


    • Before applying each row, don’t forget to set out your stacked stone ledger panels on the floor, putting the pieces together. This prevents unpleasant shocks from items that don’t fit quite correctly and verifies that you measured accurately.


    • Ensure that your ledger panels are fitted absolutely level, particularly on the bottom row of the first row. Use a chalk line as a guide, and if necessary, place shims under the panels to maintain them parallel to the floor. Even the tiniest errors committed in the first row will have repercussions on the installation.


    • Frequently, you may need to trim a piece to suit the area. Measure and cut each piece as you go; do not assume that each row will be identical since walls are not usually straight (particularly in older houses), and even the tiniest miscalculation may result in a significant issue later on.


    As with any do-it-yourself endeavour, professional-looking results need considerable forethought. We recommend that you see how-to videos before selecting your stone panels to have a complete grasp of the amount of labour necessary, the amount of time required, and your budget for the job.

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