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    This world is hiding many secrets inside itself and we are unconscious of them. According to the scientist, only 4% of the universe we have seen and 96% of the universe is still hidden from us. What if I say this world is a simulation? Let’s understand this with the facts-




    Can you relate to this world as a video game or we all are the characters of this game? If this life is a video game, means we are also performing a task in our life like doing a job, business, or other things for living a good life but what after this life? Where do we go after death? Will we go to another world where the next levels are waiting for us? Is this world real?


    Well, we all do not know about this thing but some facts indicate that we are living a fake life-


    1. Rules– In every game, the developer makes some rules and the character has to follow all the rules. It is also happening in our life, we have to follow nature’s rules like we are unable to change the time, weather, age, and many more things.


    For example, you cannot choose your parents. It is pre-decided who will be your father and mother and in which country, or religion you are going to take birth. We have to accept all these rules in our life.


    1. Levels- In every game, you have the levels. You have to increase your level otherwise you will not be able to continue the game. In life, we have also the levels like first we go to school then college after that job or business. So, what if we say these are the levels of our life? which is made by someone else so that we can follow them and make the game more interesting.


    1. Location- In every video game we have a location and we can not go out of that location. This location we called the universe in our life. When you see the sky then there is nothing but now people are going to explore new planets also. But we cannot move from this universe because it is very huge and we are unable to see which world exists out of this universe. Our minds can only see the things which our developer has made for this game.


    1. Time- While playing the video game we have a time limit and we have to perform the task within the given time limit. Life has also decided a time for us how much time we will take to play this game. Time is important in life because we cannot get it back. You get a certain time to live every stage of your life like childhood, youth and old stage, after living these stages it will be gone and never come back to you.


    1. Opportunities and Rewards- Every game developer puts some opportunity to see whether you are performing the game well or not. For this reason, it gives you some rewards on every successful step to make your game journey more interesting and worthy. In this life, we also get some opportunities and if we give our best to take these opportunities then we get our rewards which we called money and happiness, and after that our life becomes much easy to play this life game easily.


    1. Fear- In the video game, we all time have the fear that somebody will kill us or we will be out of this game. Same this feeling we have in our life that we have to go one day from this universe and everything will be here. This fear also questions us that is this world a simulation?or it is operating by someone else who is watching us every time and he knows what we are going to do next.


    1. Death- Every character has to die one day in the game. This also happens in our life. We have to die and this game will end for us. But we do not know where we go after completing this game. Will everything will end after death or do we again have to play this game with other creatures.






    Now you can relate your life to a video game. Everything is per-planned here. Whatever you are going to be, everything is decided. So always do the best in your life and make this life more beautiful. We all have a vision and we have to achieve that. If you do good things with others in this game then you will be rewarded or doing bad things can make your game journey more difficult, so the choice is yours.


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