My feet are always cold when golfing – can I fix this?

AlexanderClarke 4 weeks 2022-08-29T07:40:47+00:00 0 Answer 0

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  1. If you are out golfing and you are not wearing proper golf socks like the ones from here, then you are leaving your feet a quite thankless task. I recommend you change to something different in the form of some men’s golf socks designed to really rest and recover your feet.

    I found that my feet also benefitted because of the extra thickness. Most golf socks are made with strong, durable thermal fabrics. This ensures that the cold does not break through your socks and into your feet, leaving you with a chill.

    Being cold when golfing can reduce performance, and if you let the wetness soak in, it could have serious issues for you in terms of getting a chill. So, make sure you wear some proper socks for golfing, and you should find that you stop getting quite so many chills as you work your way through the holes on site.

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