What are some good ways to help improve my GAMSAT scores?

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    The best way is usually to work on your weaknesses and expand your understanding of the test. As this link shows, there is plenty of free GAMSAT preparation material out there that you can use to expand your knowledge and assess your current level of learning. As a general rule, spending time studying topics you’re struggling with will yield more significant results than learning more about topics you excel at. 

    As for how to expand your understanding of the test, the best way is to answer practice questions. You should be answering a lot of them. That will help you get more familiar with the types of questions you’re likely to find on the exam. Practice tests are also a good way to get better at managing your time during the exam.

    Finally, if you can, try to get a tutor or enroll in a prep course. Those can be a huge help when trying to plug gaps in your knowledge.

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