What are some of the different scaffolding types and how do I know which is right for me?

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  1. Getting familiar with the different types of scaffolding can help you automatically decide which one is more appropriate for your projects. On a general level, there are two broad types: commercial and domestic.

    Domestic scaffolding is employed in small scale residential construction while commercial scaffolding is of a larger scale and is employed in skyscrapers and corporate office buildings among others.

    More specifically, though, all scaffolding can be grouped into three categories based on special requirements. Stairway scaffolding, for example, are perfect for projects requiring access to multiple property levels (such as a three story building).

    Single pole scaffolding is great for simple projects like bricklaying while mobile scaffolding is better suited for projects that require a great deal of space and movement.

    In case you’re still undecided about which is best, working with experts in the field can help you clear things up and make the right decision.

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