What are the challenges in creating an inclusive corporate culture?

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    One of the big ones is plain old inertia. If you are starting a new company, making it inclusive from the start is not that difficult. Especially since, at that point, your team will likely be small. But for bigger companies that haven’t been actively striving for diversity and inclusivity, trying to implement changes is often met with resistance.

    Another problem lies in the definition of inclusive. Companies often act as if being inclusive is just a matter of hiring different people. But implementing the changes and policies necessary to make different individuals feel welcomed and be effective in their new roles is just as important. That’s why a good employment agency will focus not only on getting people hired but also on making sure they can keep that job in the long term, as can be seen on https://www.atworkaustralia.com.au/.

    If your company doesn’t take a thoughtful approach to inclusivity, you risk putting a lot of effort into policies that will just increase the employee turnover rate.

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