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  1. Illness and Stress
    A common cause of hair loss in both sexes is Stress. This can be mental-emotional stress due to a fast-paced lifestyle, or physical stress due to illness or trauma. This type of hair loss is especially common after surgery. The effects can be immediate or can be delayed for several weeks after the initiating event.

    Skin conditions that affect the scalp can also prevent normal hair growth. Conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis have been known to cause difficulties with hair failing to grow, breaking easily and even hair loss. Conventional treatments for cancer can also stop the replication of cells in the body. Chemotherapy and radiation can affect the follicular cells, and prevent them from properly growing hair. As the existing hairs die off, the hair thins from treatment. Thyroid conditions can also directly affect hair growth. In these cases other symptoms such as low body temperature, constipation and dry skin will accompany the hair loss. For more information, please see our Thyroid Support article.

    Nutritional Deficiencies
    A common cause of hair loss due to nutritional deficiency is anemia caused by insufficient Iron or Vitamin B12. When blood and nutrients are not able to circulate properly to the scalp, follicular cells cannot nutritionally support further hair growth. For more nutritional requirements for hair growth, please see our Hair Health article.

    Other Causes of Hair Loss
    There are many factors, other than hormones, that contribute to hair loss. They include heredity, aging, poor circulation, acute illness, malnutrition, radiation exposure, skin disease, high fever, diabetes, fungal infection and chemical hair dyes.

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