What is Ringworm and What is Prevention and Treatment for Ringworm ?

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  1. Ringworm is a skin infection caused by a type of fungus called tinea that is best treated by preventing infection in the first place…

    Although the ringworm rash can appear anywhere on the body, it tends to be found in skin creases and other areas that are prone to hold moisture. Ringworm presents with red itchy skin, burning pain, and even small blisters. The rash often forms as a ring of darker red around the outside and a lighter, less inflamed area in the middle. Some people may even experience a darkening of the skin in the area.

    Prevention of Ringworm
    Wear loose-fitting, breathable, cotton clothing, and well-ventilated shoes as much as possible. Make sure to keep the skin clean and dry and be sure to change clothing as much as necessary to maintain skin dryness, especially in high-risk areas. Wash skin with soap and water, and make sure to dry thoroughly afterwards.

    Always wear protective footwear in public showers or pools, such as sandals or flip-flops to reduce exposure. Wash and dry skin thoroughly after swimming, bathing, or sweating. Do not share clothing or towels. Avoid wearing clothing that rubs and irritates the affected area. Keeping the immune system in peak shape also helps to prevent infections in the skin. For more information, please see our Immune System article

    For more details check https://www.nationalnutrition.ca/articles/health-concerns/ringworm-tinea/

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