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  1. Amino acid complexes can be used for many different health and performance enhancing purposes. Recently high protein diets have made protein a popular supplement for weight loss. Protein slows the rate at which sugar enters the body. By avoiding spikes in blood sugar protein minimizes the storage of sugar as fat. Individuals with blood sugar imbalances, like Diabetes and hypoglycemia, will benefit from protein’s regulation of blood sugar. Protein also builds muscle tissue, which burns more energy than other body tissue and can lead to weight loss. Athletes, people who perform physical labour and anyone who is physically active requires protein to repair their tissue and build more lean tissue. People who are recovering from illness or long periods of inactivity require protein to rebuild their body tissue. The immune system is dependent on protein to make cells that protect our body. Frequent colds and flus and chronic infections are signs that the body may need more protein.

    The benefit to using amino acid supplements over protein is that the amino acids are easier for the body to absorb. There are a large variety of amino acid supplements and amino acid processing techniques. In general, look for amino acid supplements prefaced by the letter L (such as L-arginine). These are more similar to the amino acids in the body than are amino acid supplements prefaced by the letter D. Amino acid supplements are available as tablets, powder, liquid and capsules. The quality of amino acid supplements is apparent in their price. Higher quality formulas use superior processing techniques, have the amino acids in proper ratios for optimal absorption and avoid adding binders and fillers. Here are some of the more common processing techniques and types of amino complexes

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