Who is the best wedding planner in Dehradun?

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    The Floral Knot is an eminent Wedding Planner in Dehradun, which is normally known as ‘TFK’. We broadly offer boutique wedding intending to take care of each and every need of yours to give you the most hypnotizing and appealling experience to you and to all your approaching visitors. We make extraordinary minutes that you can treasure for your lifetime. Alongside Dehradun, TFK is also a renowned Wedding Planner in Mussoorie, Jaipur, and Jim Corbett Uttarakhand. 


    We offer the following Services:

    1. Merchant Management:

    We have collaborated with popular Mehendi craftsmen, make-up specialists, planners and decorators, lightning, and sound experts from various urban communities of the country to give you the most dynamite insight on your greatest day.


    1. Occasion Flow Management:

    From booking a venue to organizing and overseeing everything, The Floral Knot is the main Wedding Planner in Dehradun that will oversee and administrate the whole occasion stream and exercises of the wedding to ensure everything is going without a hitch.


    1. Improvement Planning and Execution:

    We make an excellent improvement that will suit your character and vision. Get your extraordinary day improved by the best Wedding Planner in Dehradun. Our originators will work with you to conclude a subject remembering you and your accomplice to give you a quality time.


    1. Guest Management:

    The Floral Knot is the best Wedding Planner in Dehradun that guarantees you meet and greet properly with every single guests of yours. Our Hospitality team will ensure that your guests have to face no issues. 

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