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Central Law Group represents clients in Chicago, Northwest Suburbs

Central Law Group represents clients in Chicago, Northwest Suburbs

The Power of Working Together

Whether you’re charged with a DUI, domestic violence, shoplifting, or a much more serious felony such as assault, rape, murder, drug distribution, human trafficking, etc., it is essential that your defense attorney explores every angle in order to do everything possible on your behalf. Remember, we are not here to “judge” you but defend you for the best possible outcome. Our criminal defense attorneys often work together. Bringing together our unique backgrounds, education, and knowledge to the table enables you will benefit from a powerful team approach to your case. The DUI lawyer assigned to you will identify all the facts & circumstances surrounding your case, similarly, the lawyer designated to your domestic violence case will first get all the facts. The same process will be accomplished by the lawyer dealing with the drug charges against you if that is what you have been accused of. Call our experienced California lawyers. Whether you are located in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange, Irvine, Santa Ana, Anaheim, or in between, we are always close to you. Criminal defense is one of the most complex and challenging areas of legal practice. Certain precise steps must be followed and the manner in which they are completed always proves of utmost importance in the outcome.

From profile, arrest, and booking, arraignment, release (with or without bail) to pre-trial, trial, and appeal, the criminal defense process and procedures are dense and confusing. The DUI lawyer assigned to your case or the lawyer assigned to represent you with the drug charges, or the lawyer dealing with your domestic violence offense will help you understand your rights and whether one or more of those rights were violated, it is paramount as it can weigh heavily and often positively on the outcome of your case. IF I AM ARRESTED, WHAT WILL HAPPEN?
You will be taken into custody at transported to the police precinct, where a booking process will take place, meaning that an officer will probably take your personal belongings, and will also collect your fingerprints, and take your photo. You should also know that depending upon the facts and circumstances of your case, our lawyers may be able to seal the record of your arrest.

Further, the outcome of your arrest will depend on whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. If a misdemeanor only, you may be released after booking and you may be provided with information regarding a future court date. Otherwise, you will be remitted to jail and you will be held there until the time the judge may release you on bond. Sometimes a release on your “own recognizance” is possible, depending on the circumstances and gravity of your case.

You should know that at the time of your arrest the police are required to inform you about your rights. These rights, such as the right to silence and the right to have an attorney present with you at any stage of the interrogation and beyond, are extremely important. If you are kept in custody, you must not discuss anything about your case with anyone other than your defense attorney. Your defense attorney will make arrangements for confidential meetings so that he and you can openly and efficiently discuss your case. Equally important, while being in jail you have no expectation of privacy, meaning that your 4th Amendment Constitutional rights are limited. Remember that any phone calls you may make or letters you may send out are monitored. Finally, some of the inmates in the same jail where you are detained often act as “informants” or “snitches” and therefore what you tell them may be used against you later.

Unlike what some may believe an arrest is only an accusation, not a conviction. You must not feel embarrassed, discouraged, or hopeless after going through the process of an arrest. Our lawyers will talk with you and will formulate a plan to assist you in the most effective manner possible. Once you know that your case is central to us, you will experience more confidence in the outcome.

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