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Court Marriage Lawyer In Delhi ||sharks of law||

Court Marriage Lawyer In Delhi ||sharks of law||

In the lightning-fast city of Delhi, where love transcends boundaries and cultures blend, court marriages are becoming a popular choice for couples. Offering a straightforward and legally recognized alternative to traditional weddings, court marriages lawyers in delhi appeal to those seeking simplicity or privacy. Navigating the legal process, however, can be daunting without proper assistance.

Court Marriage: About

Court marriages in India are governed by the Special Marriage Act of 1954, allowing individuals from different castes, religions, or creeds to marry legally. Couples can apply directly to the Marriage Registrar for a marriage certificate.

Eligibility under Special Marriage Act

  • Neither the bride nor groom should have a living spouse.
  • Both must be mentally fit for marriage and childrearing.
  • The bride must be at least 18 years old, and the groom at least 21.
  • The couple must not fall within prohibited relationships.

Essential Documents

  • Signed application by both parties.
  • Proof of birth dates and residences.
  • Passport-sized photos.
  • Death certificate or divorce decree if previously married.
  • Affirmation of no relation as defined by the Act.

Procedure under Special Marriage Act

  1. Notification of Marriage: Written notice to the district marriage registrar.
  2. Publication: Notice is published in the registrar’s office. Objections must be raised within 30 days.
  3. Opposition Handling: Registrar investigates any objections and proceeds if none exist.
  4. Affirmation: Marriage witnessed and signed by three witnesses.
  5. Marriage Certificate: Issued by the registrar, serving as legal proof.

Role of Court Marriage Lawyer: Sharks of Law

A Court Marriage Lawyer In Delhi at Sharks of Law handles applications, paperwork, and guides the parties through the registration process, including preparing witnesses. Sharks of Law is a premier legal destination for marriage laws, offering top-notch legal consultation for court marriages.

For legal consultation, contact Sharks of Law at [email protected] or call +91-88770-01993. With a Court Marriage Lawyer In Delhi, ensure your court marriage is handled smoothly and legally.

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