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Divorce Lawyers In Dwarka Delhi |SHARKS OF LAW|

Divorce Lawyers In Dwarka Delhi |SHARKS OF LAW|

In British India, the legal option of divorce was first recognized in 1869, primarily for Christians. The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 later formalized divorce laws for Hindus, laying the foundation for modern divorce laws in India.

Legal Provisions for Divorce

Under Section 13(1) of the Hindu Marriage Act, either spouse may file for divorce. The 1976 amendment made the grounds for divorce similar to those for judicial separation under Section 10. This allows couples to reconsider their divorce and seek reconciliation. Additionally, the Act provides specific grounds for women to file for divorce.

Section 13B allows for divorce by mutual consent after one year of marriage, provided the couple has lived apart for a year and cannot cohabitate.

Best Divorce Lawyers in Dwarka, Delhi

Selecting the best divorce lawyer is crucial for making informed decisions during the divorce process. Sharks of Law offers experienced and knowledgeable Divorce Lawyers in Dwarka, Delhi. Our attorneys handle complex cases involving property and financial splits and are skilled in family and matrimonial law.

Why Choose Sharks of Law?

  • Expertise in family and matrimonial law
  • Collaboration with specialists in forensic accounting, custody, and CDFA
  • Extensive experience in divorce law
  • Skilled negotiators to save time and avoid lengthy disputes
  • Fair and reasonable handling of cases
  • Amiable and skilled attorneys ensuring client comfort
  • Transparency about costs and judicial outcomes
  • Competent handling of divorce situations

Sharks of Law is a top professional law office offering prompt and efficient legal assistance. Our staff combines legal expertise with creative problem-solving, promoting critical thinking and providing specialized legal solutions.

Contact Sharks of Law

For legal consultation, contact [email protected] or call +91-88770-01993. Trust the best Divorce Lawyers in Dwarka, Delhi, to handle your case sensibly and effectively.

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