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Do you want to buy a gift? Handi fandi, a handy gift shop for all occasions

Handi fandi gift shop serves all tastes. We are distinguished by the presence of all hand-made, handicraft, and hand-made products in the Arab world that give an aesthetic look to you and your home. Handi fandi– where the best upscale Hand Made products are made by a group of distinguished craftsmen
We aim to market high-quality handicrafts that are inspired by our Arab environment and to be the focal point for those with good taste from art lovers and high-quality hand-made products
Whereas handicrafts occupy a large part of our eastern heritage and use Arab materials known in our environment as they attract a large number of those who want to get an aesthetic touch such as the arts of stone, wood, ceramic and glass decorations, bone grafting work, copper and silver articles, silk and wool textures, embroidery works, Islamic inscriptions, natural leather, and others.
All talented handicraft owners can display all of their products on Handi fandi, as the marketing of handmade handmade products has become easy. In short Handi fandi is the gateway to the manufacturer or artist to the whole world. A buyer’s portal for high-quality, long-lived products.

About handifandi

handi fandi Handcrafted products, gifts and antiques made for you. The first and largest Arab platform for crafts and handicrafts. Handmade products that last a lifetime. We ship the creators' products to all countries of the world

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