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Evefresh – Fresh and Good Quality Products.

Evefresh – Fresh and Good Quality Products.

Everfresh has been helping to inspire and empower customers by providing them with fresh and good quality products. Its two outlets are operating in Milton Keynes at the Open Market and Heeland Local Centre. We specialize in Afro-Caribbean groceries, Asian Groceries, Pakistani food, fresh meat, frozen exotic fish and fresh vegetables. Due to popular demand, our products are now available online so you can order from the comfort of your own home and leave.

Everfresh Butcher provides online order facilities to its customers. The main mission of Everfresh Butcher is to seamlessly deliver top quality fresh meat and groceries to our customers, with 100% premium quality and customer satisfaction. EverFresh Butcher aims to 100% maintains high-quality standards and freshness in products. It means that good-quality products are just a click away from you, and we are always on the other side of the line to support you regarding your order or queries.

In the UK most people believe that shopping at a clean and organic Butchers shop is out of their price range, however, Everfresh Butcher provides a reasonable price to its customers. Everfresh Butchers provides you with many benefits that you can’t find at the other grocery stores. Let’s explain the reason for choosing a neat, clean and organic butcher such as Everfresh Butchers


Quality is a key differentiator for us and customers consistently rate the quality of our food as market-leading. Meat at local butcher is usually sourced from local farms, shrink-wrapped, pre-packaged and just laid out for long until someone decides to buy it. Everfresh Butcher understands that meat quality and consistency are important in ensuring consumer satisfaction. Therefore, provide, it customers good quality meal, from both a flavour and health benefits, which is packaged in airtight containers and always done in refrigerated conditions to make sure you get good quality meat that’s still quite fresh.


A wide variety of meat options from beef and pork to chicken and seafood is offered by Everfresh Butcher. Our customers get a customized meat shopping experience in addition to standard cuts of meat and poultry. If you’re looking to try something new, Everfresh is the place to go! You can find your standard cuts of meat along with speciality items like beef tongue, bone marrow or pork liver.


Local Product shopping becomes most important to consumers. Everfresh Butchers also provide a huge range of vegetables and local grocery items along with meat. Everfresh purchases their meat and vegetables from organic farms and facilitate local consumers with fresh and quality products.


Everfresh Butcher offers friendly customer service to build a positive relationship with customers. To provide satisfaction to customers is our first priority. We make our clients happy and satisfied with our product. Whether it’s a custom cut or special order, they will do whatever they can to make sure their meat is the best thing you’ve ever tasted.

Products that you can get from Everfresh in Milton Keynes:
• Fresh Meat and Poultry
• Frozen Fish and Meat
• Groceries
• Vegetables

Fresh Meat and Poultry:
Everfresh Butcher provides you with high quality of fresh meat and poultry as compared to other supermarkets. You can get a customized grocery shopping experience in addition to standard cuts of meat and poultry. You can get all types of meat there such as:
• Beef
• Lamb
• Sheep & Mutton
• Chicken

Frozen Fish and Meat:
Everfresh Butcher has been supplying top quality frozen fish and frozen meat to clients all around the UK. We provide good quality frozen products that are monitored with utmost care which ultimately ensures excellent quality and taste for our products. We are one of the leading provide seafood with frozen facilities, our customers enjoy our delicious frozen food. Their variety of frozen foods includes:

• Frozen fish
• Frozen Prawns and shrimps
• Frozen meat
• Frozen chicken
• Frozen turkey

Dried Fish
Fish is good for us. But unless it’s fresh, forget about it. That’s where you can count on our expertise. Everfresh Butcher also its customer another type of fish which is dried fish. We are one of the leading provide best quality dry fish our customers are satisfied with the quality of our dried fish. You can get all types of there such as

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