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How to decide on your home decor theme, and the various aspects to consider when creating draft(s)

How to decide on your home decor theme, and the various aspects to consider when creating draft(s)

How to go about the entire designing process?
Here are the first steps you need to take:

Step 1: Finding Inspiration

The first step to start in the decoration of your new home is to know where you are going and for this you need to have a plan.

Many people do not know which style of decoration is what they like, it is not that they do not have an opinion they simply do not know how to prioritize their preferences.

The easiest way to find out what attracts you is by looking at photos of other spaces that catch your eye. Today with social networks we have it very easy, to search for home decor items online dive into Pinterest, Instagram, blogs… that is how you will start with collecting information.

You can create a board on Pinterest by spaces, at first you can have an identity crisis, but you will discover little by little that many patterns are repeated. We will call this part your wish list.

Once you have all your inspiration in one place, find the threads of connection, you have to sit down and compare them.

What are the common denominators? In terms of color, which one predominates? If you are not sure which colors to use, this post can help you. The style of the furniture Straight lines? All add-ons of the same style or do you like to mix? What density of objects is in space? Do you have a penchant for a very specific style?

Once this work is done, identify the elements that catch your attention the most and use these pieces, textures, and materials as the basis of your design plan.

It is also very important that you consider the architecture of the space you are seeing in photos that inspire you and the limitations you might have in your own space, eg- Don’t think about having a wall art bigger than your wall, for obvious reasons.

Step 2. Determining functionality

So that the space is not only beautiful (it would not make any sense), but comfortable practical and functional, you have to write down your needs.

For example, you love giant sofas, but is it practical for your way of life? Does it fit well in your living room? It is essential to identify your needs, eg- what kind of cushion covers online do you want to buy?

Consider how many people for example you will have as guests usually in your dining room. What kind of activities do you like to do? Do you love playing board games, sleeping on the couch, or doing marathons on Netflix?

Let your lifestyle guide your decorating plan. These types of questions adapted to you are the ones that must have an answer before continuing.

Step 3: Creating Inventory

Make an inventory of the furniture you have and want to take advantage of, decide if each piece has a place in your new home.

Is there a place for your favorite painting? Do your old art pieces fit into your new bedroom?
If you have furniture or accessories that no longer fit with you, a great option is to sell them online or with some dealer that you already have established contact with.

Remember at every stage of our lives we have some needs, you can mix styles that will add personality to your decoration, only you can judge which pieces will make the difference.

Once you decide the general theme and get an idea of how you want your room/house wants to look, it is time to decide the main furniture that will go along with your decorative items.

The time has come to buy the furniture you like. As you select each piece, add the price to your budget spreadsheet. If you pass, try to adjust until you square it with your budget.

Most items can be found with a wide variety of prices and styles, so do not be afraid to search multiple sites to see if you find a similar home decor item at a better price.

Always take some measurements with you when you go shopping. The furniture looks much smaller in a store exhibit than it will look like in your home. You would be surprised at people who buy furniture and come home, and they don’t fit.

Do not forget your budget, it is easy to get excited (what we know) and spend more money than you have. Do not let a wonderful store or a skilled salesperson put your budget on hold.

The main reason why decide on your furniture as early as possible is that it will help you in deciding what theme, colors you want to go for. We may have multiple options that could go with particular wall paint, but it is tough to get the perfect furniture to our liking if we get the paint done first.

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