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Marble Polishing Dubai | Marble Cleaning Services in Dubai

Marble Polishing Dubai | Marble Cleaning Services in Dubai


Primo is one of the best marble polishing services and crystallization services providers in Dubai. We clean marbles and remove all dust to make them look as good as new. We also try our very best to remove the scratches on the marble surface and get back its shine. At Primo, we provide marble polishing services in Dubai and ensure that all your surfaces get premium-quality treatment with machinery and chemicals by international brands. Our services include:

Marble Repairing services
Marble Cleaning and Polishing
Marble Restoration Services
Marble Maintenance Services
Floor Polishing Services
Marble Cleaning Services
Marble Crystallization Services


Primo provides marble crystallization services in Dubai with a 100% guarantee. We do shining and finishing of your marble with our latest technology machinery and chemicals. It brings a “mirror-like” shine on the surface and helps to protect the color and the brightness of the marble.


Marble loses its luster & shine and begins to look dim as it becomes worn out. At this point, no matter how many times you clean your marble flooring, it yields insignificant results as marred or cracked tiles always appear dirty.

Restoring your dirty and damaged marble floor gives them new life and enhances them. Restore shine to marble slates by using high friction diamond abrasives with the help of a marble polishing machine by a skilled professional.


Our staff is well-trained and trustworthy in marble polishing and crystallization services for the home and the workplace.

They try their best to make it scratch-free, shiny, and polished. Using modern machinery, we offer marble crystallization, polishing, and grinding services to our commercial and residential clients.


Delicious food requires lots of spices and concoctions to prepare. After the food, all we are left with are dirty utensils and a dirty countertop! While a dishwasher easily cleans away your dirty utensils, cleaning a stain off the marble countertop is not that easy!

Marble is a risky stone, and we do not suggest to clean your marble at home with at-home tips and tricks, as it can put a stain on your marble forever. We can’t use an all-purpose cleaner, or vinegar, lemon juice, or baking soda either, to clean the countertop. Therefore, we highly recommended getting your marble countertop clean & polished by professionals only.

The best way to preserve your marble at home is by cleaning it with just water and a piece of cloth. You cannot add in harsh cleaners, or lemon or baking soda to add shine to it or remove any stains. This could add to the damage done to your marble. However, it is recommended to get your marble clean by any professional marble polishing company in Dubai.

Here’s how we, at Primo, can easily clean off any stain or mark on your marble countertop without much effort!

The first step is polishing. We use the best quality chemical to polish your floor. It brightens your surface and removes light stains and water stains from the façade.

Buffing is a crystallization process, which increases the life of the marble. It brings a mirror-like shine to the marble because of the chemicals that we use.

It is the last step, in which all the work and the shine is sealed on to the marble. It prevents the marble from any damage, cracks, or chips in the future. It also seals any open pores on the marble surface and prevents water penetration into the marble. It is essential to apply a sealant and get it resealed at least once every year.

Primo is one of the leading Marble Polishing Services Companies in Dubai, which provides premium quality marble polishing services. Be it your marble countertop, marble staircase, marble floor, or marble furniture; Primo ensures that your belonging is shining as good as new. To achieve the best results, we use the most advanced technology. Our professionals have vast experience in marble cleaning services that have made us well-known in both residential and commercial sectors.

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