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New Phenomenon: Install Lockers In Residential Areas?

New Phenomenon: Install Lockers In Residential Areas?

New Phenomenon: Install Lockers In Residential Areas?

Resident parcel lockers is a convenient thing widely used in many areas for residents to store things they buy on the web temporarily.

Recently, Ms. Huai, who lives in the Changchun Automobile District, found a “locker” in her community. “Why is this?” She stepped forward and took a closer look. It turned out to be a 24-hour terminal for residents to receive express delivery. ——Receipt treasure.

It is understood that the courier can put the courier that cannot be signed in time into the storage cabinet of the collection treasure, and the system will automatically send the pickup password to the owner’s mobile phone parcel delivery lockers, and the owner can pick up the parcel with the password, which is safe and convenient.

Blue Inbox has more than 50 storage boxes

On May 26, following Ms. Huai’s prompt, the reporter came to a community located on Feiyue Road in Changchun City. On the first floor of a residential building in the community, she saw the treasure. This blue “big guy” is placed near the elevator, about 1.8 meters high and about 3 meters long. There are more than 50 storage boxes of different sizes on the Inbox, 001, 002…Each storage box has a number.

Two white monitoring probes are installed on the box. In the middle of the box, there is a 24-hour self-service terminal display. The two options of “I am a courier” and “I want to pick up” are very conspicuous. In addition, there is a parcel collection locker barcode scanning port, a second-generation ID card reader and a bank card slot under the display screen.

The reporter walked closer and took a closer look. The machine’s functions were printed on the touch screen. In addition to receiving mail, it also has functions such as mobile phone recharge, credit card repayment, and bank card balance inquiry.

The recipient can quickly pick up the shipment by entering the password

How does ShouPiebao realize delivery and pickup? The reporter learned how to use it according to the tips posted on the locker.

First, the courier needs to register on the Inbox, click on the “I am a courier” option, enter the courier’s mobile phone number, swipe the courier’s ID card, and follow the prompts to complete the registration.

When the courier wants to deliver the shipment, he first selects the appropriate bin according to the size of the shipment, enters the recipient’s mobile residential parcel locker phone number on the display screen, scans the bar code of the shipment, and the bin door opens automatically. The courier closes the door after placing the shipment. The courier clicks on the delivery completion option, and the entire delivery process is over.

After receiving the shipment, the Inbox system will notify the recipient via SMS. The recipient’s mobile phone will display the shipment notification and the pickup password, and the recipient can quickly pick up the shipment by entering the password.

[Owner’s Voice]

It is very convenient to collect express mail by yourself

So, how do the owners of the community view this matter? To this end, the reporter interviewed several residents of the community.

“Since I have a collection treasure, it is much more convenient to receive express delivery! It is still free.” Ms. Huai, the owner of the community, often buys things online, but because her unit stipulates that online shopping is not allowed to be mailed to her unit, she always Troubled the supermarket staff downstairs to help collect. But she was still on the night shift, and the supermarket was closed after get off work and could only be picked up the next day.

“Once and twice, it’s okay. There are six items this Friday. It’s always troublesome and embarrassing! With this collection treasure, you don’t have to trouble others.” Ms. Huai said.

“Because the property in the community does not help the owners receive express delivery, so you have to pick up everything you buy online.” Mr. Zhao, who is in his 60s, said: “My son often buys things online residential parcel locker. I kept my phone. I often go out to exercise residential parcel locker and sometimes play chess with my friends. Every time I receive a call from a courier, I have to rush back from a long distance. Now with this equipment, it is much more convenient to receive express mail. “


Delivery efficiency is greatly improved

The courier, Master Yang, told reporters that his delivery efficiency has been greatly improved since the installation of the collection treasure in the community. “In the past, every time I sent a parcel, I needed to call the recipient in advance, and then wait for the recipient to go downstairs residential parcel locker. If the recipient was not at home, I had to take the express back to the company first, and wait until the owner’s house next time someone is there. To send it.”

Master Yang said that now with the receiver, the problem has been solved at one time, and the delivery efficiency has been greatly improved. Before using Shouyibao, he will call in advance to communicate with the owner and deliver it after obtaining approval.

Resident Parcel Lockers are so convenient, then if someone want to do business related to delivery industry, which company should they choose to but the relate product like Resident Parcel Lockers, then?

My advice is Dongcheng Group. Hangzhou Dongcheng Group is a company specializing in the production of various storage cabinets. For this company, express storage cabinets are naturally one of its products.

Recently, Hangzhou Dongcheng Group has Launched a product which is resident parcel lockers The parcel locker is a networked storage system which provides the courier delivery & customer pick up. it can be put outdoor use with waterproof standard grade and security CCTV cameras to protect the package safety, The locker is composed of a storage terminal and a platform management system. It has functions such as smart delivery, smart pickup, remote monitoring, information management, it achieves centralized access, designated location access, 24-hour access, information release and other functions. Safe and convenient

If you in recent time want to do business with delivery industry, you will not regret buying this product.

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