Are there any Honeymoon Resorts near Athirappilly waterfalls?


Athirappilly Green Trees resort located in one of the most
picturesque landscapes in the southern Indian state of Kerala, Athirappilly is a tiny
hamlet bordering the Sholayar forest – nature’s own treasure trove. This untamed
mystic belle’ conceals within her bosom a pristine paradise that entices and
mesmerizes many a nemophilists.

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    Athirappilly green trees resort is famous in athirappilly. A short drive from Green Trees Resorts near Athirappilly along wide winding roads, under dense verdant canopy leads you to the breathtaking “Niagara of India” – the majestic 80 feet Athirappilly waterfall, an enchanting riverine landform along the upper course of the west flowing Chalakudy River near the Vazhachal forest division.

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