Can getting a massage help with chronic pain?


Can getting a massage help with chronic pain?

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  1. Yes, it can. Although how much it can help and how long the effects will last both depend on the location and the cause of the pain. If you experience back and neck pain because you spend a long time sitting in one place, a good massage Palm Springs from a place like Desert Serenity Float might be able to alleviate the pain for a while, or even make it disappear. But the pain will probably come back. Especially if you don’t make any changes to the habits that caused the pain.

    However, chronic pains can often be caused or accentuated by muscle tension and stress. And a good relaxing massage can help with both those problems. So there are indeed types of pain where a good massage isn’t just a viable treatment, it is the best solution available.

    Massages can also be made more effective by combining a massage with other practices that relax your mind and body, such as relaxation, spending time in a sauna, doing flotation therapy, and more.

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