Can you put Solar Panels on a Flat Roof?


Absolutely, you can put solar panels on the flat roof. Yet installing solar panels on the flat roofs or pitched roofs is conplicated but it is possible. Different kind of other installments on your roof can be the subject of vary. Things that must be considered before the placement of solar panels in the roof are as follows:

Drainage Pipes
Exhausting fans
Any other roof top units

But i also want to let you the some necessary points that to be remembered before placing solar units.
Consult with Engineer:
A professinallists will help you in designing the prototype. You will get right place in your roof which is suitable for doing so. An expert also let you know the perfect angle of the panels in which they must installed in order to getting the right amount of sunlight. Because good sunlight on it help in conserve the greater energy. Visit for right engineer.

Protect your roof with leakage:
If you are wandering that why we mentioned this point then give rest to your brain. Because pooling that is required for solar panels installation can cause leakage in your roof. So to protecting your roof with that consider these below given ideas:

Use ballasted systems for keeping solar panels in place. Means that fix polls with the help of heavy weight and minimal drilling.
Use attachments that are provided with same.

Definitely you have heard about the great way of energy saving that is solar panels. Still if you are facing some issue or have any query ask it atroofing service oakville

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