Do you know Big Rig Barbie is on TrueFanz now?

brantim104 1 month 2022-07-04T05:19:51+00:00 0 Answer 0

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    The name “The Big Rig Barbie” on TrueFanz is her handle, which she uses for all her social media accounts (her IG is HannahWarray). However, her friends, family, and husband like to refer to her by the trucking handle-Barbie.
    This Texas native is primarily known for her very unique white and purple Peterbilt 379 customized big rig, which has been given an equally unique name: The Looney Tune.
    Barbie initially began her big rig journey alongside her husband, Blake, well over a decade ago. However, after roughly 5 years of trucking life, they decided to sell off everything from their company to find something more.

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