How can I get a Canadian visa from Qatar? I’m working in Qatar and I want to migrate to Canada as student or have a work visa.


“We all knew, One of the scintillating parts of the Canadian immigration process is the visit visa application. The visit visa permits foreign immigrants in Qatar to travel to the country within a particular period to visit the country either for business, tourism, relatives or short-term courses.

So to apply for an employer-specific work visa from Qatar, you will need: The LMIA number.

You need to have proof of funds to take care of yourself ($12, 960) and any family members (+ $3, 492 per family member) that accompany you during your stay in Canada, and to return home.

Assess Your Eligibility. To ensure that you aren’t disappointed when you apply for your Canada visa it is important to find out:

While starting the visa application for Canada from Qatar can be confusing and time-consuming but with the right professional like by your side.”

This Immigration Consultants in Qatar specializes in helping applicants secure a Canada visa via the Canadian consulate to enable them to obtain jobs in Canada, study in the country, etc., So if you’re interested you can avail them as well.

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