How do I calculate a hydrocyclone force?


“The Hydrocyclone Efficiency Curves are affected by many operating factors such as feed density, apex and vortex sizes and feed pump pressure. These factors will cause your cyclone classification to operate correctly, in roping or spraying mode.

The radial velocity of the incoming fluid is chosen to be Retotive Dimensions d~ID =0 2B do/D = 0 3t+ dJ D = 0163 hiD=Ok HID=O 5 LID = 50 ct, = 5.65* r n .____u # -Nd. b- Under flow Figure I Schematic representation of the hydrocyclone of Knowles et aL,6 including relative dimensions consistent with the specified volumetric feed rate, and its tangential velocity is taken.

The recovery, along with the bypassed solids, is used to predict the complete size distribution for the underflow product. R r = e 4X – 1 (eq. 1) e4X + e4 –2 Where R r = Recovery to underflow on corrected basis. X = Particle diameter /D50 C particle diameter.” Know more @

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