How do I extract data from a web API?


There are some limitations in API account per day. You can’t scrape or extract data for large number APIs.
> There are several APIs available in the market like: Paid API, Google API, Google Map API, etc.
> One of the most frustrating parts of web scraping is constantly dealing with IP blocks and CAPTCHAs. Scraper API rotates IP addresses with each request, from a pool of millions of proxies across over a dozen ISPs, and automatically retries failed requests, so you will never be blocked. Scraper API also handles CAPTCHAs for you, so you can concentrate on turning websites into actionable data.
Some of the benefits of using a cloud based API are:
> An API guarantees you the latest data, because the data is scraped only when requested and not pre-scraped data which can be a few days or weeks old.
> Cloud based would also mean minimum human interaction which would in turn mean higher security and easy scalability.
If you are a newbie in this web scraping sector, you could use the web scraping tool to make a crawler and schedule it to get the updated data automatically. But not every web crawlers provide cloud service for you to schedule your project. Personally I would recommend the X-Byte Enterprise Crawling directly. With its point-and-click interface and visual workflow, you could easily learn how to start a crawler. And with its cloud service, you would get the updated data automatically as you needed.

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