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    No of the industry or area, a quick Google search will turn up numerous businesses claiming to offer verifiable B2B data for your company. However, there’s a catch: 1) Data acquisition can be pricey. 2) You still need a marketing and sales tool even when you have the data to reach out to people (through email, SMS, social media, etc.) and monitor your results in terms of leads produced, conversions, the bottom line, etc. These tools are typically not provided by B2B data providers, which is where SalezShark might be helpful.

    From consumer discovery to omnichannel outreach via emails, social media, drip marketing, etc., SalezShark Connect+, our all-in-one marketing platform, has everything you could possibly need. Our B2B database has over 15 million verified data points, including email addresses, key executive contact information, phone numbers, social media handles, etc. Our marketing tools are user-friendly and come with round-the-clock customer support, and we are over 50% less expensive than our closest competitors.


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