How Do I Integrate API into My Website?


How Do I Integrate API into My Website?

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  1. Travel API is a set of web services that allow access to travel deals from various travel consolidators. Travel agencies make use of GDS, travel flight APIs, hotel APIs, etc., to get admission to online travel deals.

    The first step in the API integration process is making a supplier selection depending on the requisites (availability, regions, requirements, and rates) of your agency. The supplier selection is significant since one supplier might produce better deals of hotels and flights in a specific area than others. Thus, research is crucial. After you have made a choice, you need to sign an API contract. You might have to deposit a fee, although this depends on the supplier. The contract should be detailed, including all the modules discussed with the supplier. Post signing of the contract, the supplier sends you an API document with test access that comprises technical details, parameters, rules, and services.

    Each API requires a different connector and mapping; thus, your technology partner has to run checks on the test API to see if it fits your system or needs changes in their XML connector or an entirely new one. Once the test runs are successful, you will be certified by the supplier, followed by credentials to access the live feeds for bookings that will replace the previous test ones.

    After integration, your module is ready for accessibility by users. You could face response time issues from the supplier’s side, so it is safer to discuss this priorly.
    This covers the entire API integration process into your website.
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