How do I prepare for a rope access project?

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  1. As a client, the best preparation you can make is to hire a certified IRATA member. It is the only proof that the company you are entrusting your project to will adhere to IRATA guidelines and abide by safety precautions when working with rope access. Also, such companies employ technicians of legal age and in good physical condition. 

    Since you can never be too sure, you still have to play your part in avoiding all possible risks to everyone on your site and damages to your properties. Every project must have at least two technicians, depending on the scope. One must be a supervisor that is IRATA level 3 certified. Before the project starts, the person must evaluate all the risks and devise solutions to avoid them. 

    After risk inventory, an explicit description of the project plan and rope access activities must be communicated to you and everyone on site. Everyone must be on the same page before an anchor point is located and equipment is set. 

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