How is artificial intelligence changing our lives?


How is artificial intelligence changing our lives?

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  1. Artificial Intelligence or AI is transforming and automating businesses like the
    manufacturing sector, mobile application, cybersecurity, transport, air traffic controller, medical
    sector etc.

  2. Sophia, the first robot to get the citizenship in Saudi Arabia is another example of how AI should
    not be underrated.

  3. AI can calculate and analyse online data in the form of search history, social media, which can be
    used against humans being to manipulate them.

  4. The AI is also helpful in detecting ovarian cancer among women, and in the field of oncology and
    various other diseases.

  5. It would not be wrong to say that soon our lives be turning like those in science fiction novels,
    movies. It is no more utopian idea, but it is nowhere close to replacing human empathy.

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