How is math no longer the devil’s subject? What is making math easier for kids?

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    Math – the subject has undoubtedly been dreaded by kids through the ages. But is it such a challenging subject or have we just created a scary perception around it? Perhaps we were going about it the wrong way earlier, and so it seemed difficult and unenjoyable. Strict parenting and teaching methods might have played a part in math’s being a disliked subject. A learning environment should be such that, when kids can’t grasp a particular concept, they should be able to comfortably and confidently ask for help in understanding it again. However, if the learning environment is strict, out of fear of judgment and scolding, children might be scared to ask for help. This results in suppressed feelings and the inability to cope, thereby concluding that math is the enemy. But today, teachers and parents have realized that, when introduced in fun and simple ways, kids can enjoy learning math. And so, there are several cool math games for kids, transforming it into an enjoyable and loved subject as opposed to the devil subject it was perceived to be, previously. Let’s look at how math can be made easy for kids.


    Learning Apps

    In the past few years, digital learning services grew exponentially and worked wonders for children. These online educational games and learning apps adopted a blended learning technique where various academic concepts were taught through games and fun activities. The apps are developed by educators who understand the needs and grasping power of every age group, making it easy for children to learn. The sounds, animation, mini-games, puzzles, power-ups, and rewards make the games exciting and the children don’t realize that they are retaining several learning concepts. When it comes to math, there are simple math learning games that are curated for toddlers and preschoolers – counting, addition, subtraction, etc. There are fun puzzles and activities through which these basic math concepts are taught. Similarly, there are advanced math games for kids focusing on geometry, fractions, and decimals. These educational games have managed to make math a loved subject for children.



    Another fun activity is solving math worksheets. There are many math worksheets that you’ll find online and you can even make your worksheets. These can be personalized to include your child’s name, the names of their friends and family members, their favorite things, etc. If the child’s name is Sam and he loves apples, he’ll be happy to see a math question that says, “Sam has 12 apples, his mom gave him another 3 apples. How many apples does he have now?”. You can make multiple questions using these relatable situations to increase their interest in the learning process. Also, these worksheets have pictures and colors, making them even more appealing to children. Some of them will be puzzles, some will be questions, and some will even include physical activities like, “Collect 4 pebbles and give 2 to your mommy. How many do you have left?”. It’s almost like playing Simon Says with your children but in the form of cool math games for kids!


    Sing-along Videos

    Many children’s songs, new and old, teach several learning concepts to kids. Simple math concepts can be taught through song, which is why there are math games for kids that include sing-along videos too. Teachers have an entire collection of songs that are taught to the class so that they can understand, grasp, and retain these concepts, especially the math ones. These songs are also used to bust the myth that learning math can’t be fun. Most of the time, it’s a mental block in kids that math is tough, and so they begin to learn the subject with preconceived negative notions. These negative emotions transition into them not being willing to focus completely. But with music, they let go of all these negative feelings towards math and simply enjoy the song and dance, and before you know it, they are learning and loving math.


    Application of Math Concepts

    Isn’t it much better if we use objects rather than showing them a picture in the textbook? Math games for kids are cool, but you can also conduct fun math experiments at home. It doesn’t have to be elaborate; it can be as simple as slicing a pizza and dividing it among everyone at home. You can ask them to count how many slices will be needed so that everyone gets one, and then slice the pizza into those many slices. And just like that, they’ve understood fractions! Similarly, if you want to give their friends 2 chocolates, you can ask them to count the number of friends and then multiply that count by 2 to figure out how many chocolates will be needed. They’ll be fascinated that by this simple activity, they’ve applied multiplication in reality. You can use real objects to teach them pretty much any math concept, and their interest and love for math will grow.


    By applying the above learning techniques including math learning games, the interest and love for math will grow in your child. The idea is to shatter the fear of math and make it as fun as possible so that when they have to learn advanced concepts, later on, their foundation will be strong as well as their approach to the subject will be positive.



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