How is the stage calculated in a submersible pump?


The term stage in submersible pumps is used to refer to the number of impellers used in a submersible pump. A submersible pump can be divided into two depending on the number of stages: single-stage pump or multi-stage pump.

Calculating the number of stages required to provide the total dynamic head. The total number of stages rounded off to an integer is equal to the total dynamic head divided by the head produced per stage. Also calculate the motor horsepower by multiplying the brake horsepower per stage by the total number of stages and average speed.

For instance, a submersible pump suitable for a 6” (inch) bore well, will have outer diameter of the main pump body (motor + pump) at about 5 and odd inches to allow necessary margin of gap for lowering and rotation of the pump. The outer diameter of a pump suitable for a 6” bore is already fixed by the pump manufacturers.” For more queries, call suppliers, they will guide you all the way.

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