How much does it cost to apply for Canadian PR?


When you apply for Canadian PR cost may differ for different type of visas like tourist visa, student visa, permanent residency visa, work permit visa and business visa. There are some processes for applying Canadian PR visa with appropriate cost.

Canadian PR visa is the best choice for migrating to Canada. For migrating to Canada you need PR (permanent visa) visa to get settled in Canada permanently. The expiry for Canadian PR visa is five years and you can renew the visa also.

For Permanent residency visa, you must pay permanent residence fees which may vary based on applying in which immigration you needed. There is a separate fee for permanent residency approximately 1300 INR. There are fee allotted for right of permanent residency visa approximately 1033 INR. If you are migrating with children under the age of 22 extra charges allotted for children also. You can pay the fees on online mode like credit card or debit card. please feel free to visit

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