How much does it cost to make an m-commerce B2B app?


Cost to make an M-Commerce Application.

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  1. The challenge for brand manufacturers, in the age of omni-channel marketing, is extending and reinforcing branding through every channel, both B2B and B2C. Retailers’ growing expectations include an elevated buying experience, similar to that of B2C. Smarter manufacturers have been quick to take advantage by taking their B2B marketing to the next level and extending branding to their business customers.

    During the research, we have come to the key fact that 30% of B2B eCommerce sales are taking place through mobile devices, replacing shopping through the website over desktops or laptops. So the demand is calling suppliers for integrating mobile technology to keep up with all new demands and expectations.
    B2C eCommerce is already a big player in online shopping but B2B eCommerce is an emerging player in generating higher revenue across the world. The best part is the advancement in hardware and software technologies in mobile devices providing a whole new range of new opportunities to suppliers and users as well. Many new features added to mobile applications like push notifications, connectivity with social media, mobile payments, easy feedback and much more, provide big opportunities to suppliers to operate outside of their traditional box.
    Alibaba and Amazon set a standard for how this B2B eCommerce works with all benefits, these big players are the creators of B2B eCommerce website trends which is more like B2C. B2B suppliers now recognize the significance of B2B business environment for business customers as it is as important as B2C market.
    Generally, B2B M-Commerce App Development would cost from $15,000 to $50,000, it all depends on how many features do you want to include.

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