How much does it cost to plant or setup a shipping container pools in USA?


Endless Pools are the only container pool made in the USA by American Welding Society (AWS) certified craftsman. Starting with a single-use shipping container, we fabricate custom container pools for the whole world. It is our goal to provide you a strong and durable pool that will last for many years. After hand-selecting each container, we work with you to design the perfect configuration to suit your location. Then we go to work fabricating the container, prepping and lining the bare sheet metal with industry approved products and finally outfitting your Endless Pool with all the finishing touches.

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    Shipping container pools are growing in popularity thanks to their quick installation and unique look, but how does a shipping container pool compare to a traditional inground pool?
    Because we manufacture fiberglass swimming pools and consider ourselves experts in our field, we decided to make an in-depth comparison of fiberglass pools vs. shipping container pools to highlight the key differences between them.

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