How to Achieve Dream Life with the Law of Attraction?

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    The Law of attraction means attracting something or someone in your life. It works when you think about a certain moment or person again and again. Knowingly or unknowingly all people follow this rule.

    There are two parts of our brain, conscious and subconscious. 5-10% mind is conscious and 90-95% is made up of the subconscious. Low attraction is all about the subconscious mind because when we think about positive or negative thoughts repeatedly so the information is stored in the subconscious mind. After some time, the same situation we see in our life. It is called the law of attraction. We are going to understand this in deep and how we can use it positively to achieve our dream life.

    Power of Law of Attraction

    The power of the law of attraction is beyond our imagination. Many real examples in front of us achieved their dream life with the help of this. It only works if you think about real things. This means if you think you can be immortal with the help of this then it. Your biggest mistake is because the law of attraction only works on the real things. Many real examples in front of us achieved their dream life with the help of this.

    Law of Attraction is a Lie?

    Is the Law of attraction a lie? Well, I am not going to create a debut on this. But there is something which I am going to share with you. It is true that before performing any action a thought comes to our conscious mind. Sometimes we can recognize it or sometimes not. This means after thinking you can perform any action in this world. But we are unable to recognize that thought again just like a dream.

    Nothing can be happened without thinking in this world. The person who says he or she did not even think that they can be viral someday. They do not know about the law of attraction word, but they used it indirectly in their life. They thought at least one or more times about that viral moment in their life otherwise there is no possibility of becoming viral suddenly even without thinking about it.

    So, the law of attraction is true the person who says it is fake or lies used it indirectly and they do not want to give it the name of LAW OF ATTRACTION.

    Law Of Attraction Science

    Scientists at Wellcome trust center for neuroimaging which is a neurology institute in London have discovered that the person who visualizes his life So it is a better chance to achieve his dream life.

    According to phycologists, an affirmation can make possible everything for you. In the medical field, affirmation helped many people to recover from trauma, depression, and other mental health problems.

    Affirmation and visualization are both parts of the law of attraction make a path for you to achieve your dream life scientifically and in the next point, you will know about the real example of the law of attraction.

    Law Of Attraction Examples

    You will shock that the law of attraction has changed many lives. People are not aware of it, and they keep thinking about the negativity and they become as they think.

    Eugene Carrey a Canadian American actor says he used to visualize that director are coming to him and saying we like your work and want to work with you. In the reality, he had nothing at that time. He wrote a $10 million check to himself for acting service rendered and dated it almost for 10 years in the future. He kept that check in his pocket and fortunately in 1995 he was cast for “dumb and dumber” movie and got paid $10 million. He is the living example of the law of attraction.


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