How to Fix Norton Secure VPN not working ?


Follow the steps below on how to check your internet connection:
First, start Norton Secure VPN.

In the upper right corner, you need to click the user icon and then click log out.
Now, click on the settings icon and then click on Norton Fast Secure VPN.
Next, you need to restart your device.
After you have restarted your device, start Norton Secure VPN and then sign in with your Norton account.

Connect your network to another virtual location:
You can create a remote desktop connection to connect to a virtual machine and that is implemented on your Vnet. It is just a test way to see if you can connect or not or if the name resolution is set correctly.

First, you need to locate the private IP address of your VM.
To find the private IP address of a virtual machine, you can view the properties of the virtual machine or use the power shell.
Verify that you are properly connected to your VNet with a point-to-site VPN connection.
Then open a remote desktop connection you need to enter RDP or remote desktop connection search box on the taskbar.
To select Remote Desktop connection and you can also open it using mstsc command in power-shell.
In a remote desktop connection, you must enter the private IP address of the VM.

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