How to Make School Vacation Time Productive for Your Kids?

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    When your kids are in school, even if you’re a little busy with work and can’t focus too much on their studies, it’s okay because the teachers got that covered. But what happens during vacation? Kids wait for their summer vacation, but after the first few days of freedom and constant playing, they snap out of it and turn to you for some new and interesting activities. Now, all parents look for productive activities during the vacation because obviously, you can’t let them watch TV and play video games all summer. Here’s where understanding your child’s strengths and interests is important. Are they creative? Are they musically inclined? Do they like sports? Whatever they seem to enjoy or be good at, is what you should promote during the summer holidays. Perhaps you could have them take an aptitude test to understand their strengths, and accordingly make a plan for the summer. And don’t worry, there are also many educational games for kids that are available online, so the learning is not going to stop. Let’s look at some activities that you can engage your kids in during the holidays.


    1. Educational Math Games

    Before you think this is not going to interest your kids, let us remind you that learning games are not dull and boring anymore. Learning apps like SKIDOS have some super engaging educational math games that are fun, interesting, and productive when it comes to learning. Your kids will be having so much fun that they won’t realize they’re actually learning math concepts. These games are developed by educators who keep global learning standards in check, and who understand the attention span and grasping power of children. And so, these games have sounds, funny animation, and exciting activities, through which both basic and advanced math concepts are taught. The best part is that they are user-friendly and have simple narration, so your child can play them on their own without your help.


    1. Outdoor Activities

    You can’t keep kids cooped up in the house all summer. Educational games for toddlers are great, but they have got to be physically active too in order to maintain their stamina and metabolism. There are loads of outdoor activities that you could do over the summer; you could take them for a walk in the park every other day, go on a field trip on some weekends, go fishing or camping, or simply play some outdoor games in the backyard with the neighborhood kids. If you have a local community center, your kids could go there for a few hours and participate in group games or social activities. Once in a while, you can also take your kids to a pet park so they can play with all the puppies and kittens. And of course, there can be a few family outings to the zoo, nature parks, or amusement parks for a little bit of family fun time.


    1. Music and Dance

    Universally, music is loved by all people. Whether they are kids or adults, it’s a known fact that music brings joy. Even scientifically, listening to music or dancing releases endorphins in the body that are great for your mental and physical well being. If you think that your child enjoys music, you could sign them up for a singing class or maybe to learn a musical instrument. If they have a talent for the performing arts like dance or drama, you could enroll them in some of those classes. Every town or area will have learning studios for the performing arts. Encourage singing and dancing at home too. Once in a while, go crazy and have a bit of karaoke or dance sessions at home. This will give your kids the freedom to express, and release their energy.


    1. Arts and Crafts

    While there are many educational games for toddlers on the internet that bring out the creativity in children, you can engage them in arts and crafts activities too. Whether it’s just splashing colors on a canvas or learning how to draw, it’s a creative form of expression. Toddlers enjoy coloring with crayons or colored pencils, and little older kids can learn to sketch and shade more accurately. Creative craft activities like making jewelry with beads, hand painting, origami, etc. are great ways to keep your kids engaged during the vacation. These creative activities sharpen and enhance many skills like focus, attention to detail, and problem-solving.


    1. Reading

    Finally, the activity that never fails to help children grow – reading. Make sure that your child develops a love for reading. It’s an activity that opens up their imagination to a world of possibilities. When they read books that have strong characters, they are inspired to follow their dreams. They learn to be kind, brave, and empathetic – everything that we want them to grow up to be. When they are young, they can read classic fairy tales and children’s books, and when they are older, pick out books for them that have inspiring characters that showcase the values of love, courage, kindness, and ambition.


    It’s always better to prepare your preschoolers with some educational games for kids during the summer so that they can cope once they’ve started school. Along with these learning games, there are many other productive activities other than the ones mentioned above. You’ve got to pay attention to your kids’ interests and talents and encourage them to pursue them.


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