How to use Eucalyptus oil for stress relief?

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  1. Eucalyptus has a calming effect that can support stress symptoms and help you relax and unwind.

    • Diffuse 6 drops eucalyptus oil and meditate or lay back with eyes closed to relax.
    • Place 4 drops essential oil in a small bowl of warm water and place next to steaming shower, inhale while you relax under the hot shower water.
    • Put 3 drops eucalyptus oil on a wash cloth and rub or dab on body (avoiding sensitive areas) while standing under running shower water. The scent will help relax you while the oil will help purify the body.
    • Add 4 drops eucalyptus oil to a bowl of warm water, dampen cloth, wring it out and place over closed eyes or forehead, lay back and relax. This will create a calming feeling and help relieve any tension.



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