Human beings are enslaved by technology. Do you agree?


Human beings are enslaved by technology. Do you agree?

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  1. The man was earlier competing with the man only, but now the competition is grave
    because robots are also in the race.

  2. The manifestation of technology is clearly visible to humans but it would not be right to blame
    technology for the any Armageddon a man is facing today.

  3. Increasing automation, robots, self-guided machines, living a life like a science fiction movie, so
    much hard work and sacrifice of scientist and innovator led to the change. Let’s don't call it as the
    debacle of being technologically advanced.

  4. The spawning stories of growing endemic of technology have made man slaved is true. People
    were suffering when there was no technology, people are suffering even today, so do not pass the
    blame on technology.

  5. The technology was not appreciated when the bicycle was invented and is not now also, so
    nothing has really changed.

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