In the Era of Internet and Social Media, How Traditional Marketing Is Still Advantageous?


Though in the time of social media and the internet we get informed about almost everything through it, whether it is any news, any trend or or a new invention. In the field of marketing, the internet is on the top, everything goes straight to the internet and everything is being made searchable to reach its maximum potential audience. But , still traditional marketing has not lost its importance yet. Even today every household gets a newspaper and it is read by all the members of the family. Same goes with TV as well, TV is a very popular and most effective way of marketing. Advertising agencies are making top trending commercial ads for their clients, and people do remember creative and distinctive ad commercials which influence the sale of the product. There are many other forms of Traditional Digital Marketing such as radio, print media, banners, hoardings etc. No matter what your product or service is, but traditional marketing is a must, you should always use this platform to promote your product.

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