Lp Toh Somdej is one of the most respected amulets in Thailand?


Lp Toh Somdej or lp toh somdej 2516 of Wat Pikultong has helped rebuilt and built new temples, hospitals and schools in Wat Pikultong. He is also one of the 59 monks who was given the new title, Phra Thum Muni,by the King. But, as early as 26 years old, he already helped in the rebuilt of Ubusot in India. Because of this, LP Pae is well-respected in the region. No wonder why his amulets are also popular today. In fact, his amulets are among the rarest collection to find wherein only a few only shops offer to sell lp pae wat pikultong amulets. Your colleague must be very lucky to get one!

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