Rewards Plus- Convert to Online Shop


Appziaa Softlabs created RewardsPlus, an e-commerce platform for small and medium size grocery and other shopkeepers.
The advent of e-commerce marketplaces was nothing short of a boon for everyone. The offline retailers, both big and small, experienced a wider digital audience that overshadowed their brick-and-mortar shop’s customer base. The big brands, on the other hand, experienced greater moving volumes through direct and indirect channels as the customer propensity for purchasing products and services online increased.

If you dislike the idea of jostling for space, navigating the many aisles looking for products, and then facing long queues at the checkout counter at the local supermarkets or you want to avoid long delivery waiting period of popular grocery portal; then and location based online grocer is just for you. And don’t worry about missing out on discounts and freebies, as these online services offer some good bargains.

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