Toddlers don’t seem to like putting on boots. Maybe it makes them feel uncomfortable? Or are the boots too heavy? What store sells stylish and easy-to-wear shoes for kids?


Try Nixon’s Closet. They have quite a collection of kids’ shoes, both for girls and boys. You’re right when you said wearing boots can get uncomfortable for some kids. In that case, you can find boots that have a zip side closure so that they’re easy to put on. 
Nixon’s Closet has the so-called “candy pop boots” that come in the marshmallow variant (features a pink and white colour combination) and the candy apple variant (leather). Both styles feature a zip side closure, making them easy to put on. 
Are you looking for something with a futuristic touch? Nixon’s Closet has metallic boots that complement your child’s autumn or winter outfit—looking for something with that added warmth? Ugg boots are lightweight, easy to wear, and will surely keep your little one’s feet warm. 
You can also find commando high-top boots at Nixon’s Closet. You can choose from three colour options: maroon, tan, and black. Again, these booths are also easy to put on with the zip side closure. See more of their entire collection of boots and childrens clothes online when you visit 

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