Top 5 business case studies for the business you must go with


The topics in the list are different, but some are drawn from the focus of the care team on healthcare, asset management, and sustainability. These cases are also built on Yale’s ongoing focus on management, ethics, and the role of business in the country and society. Keep in mind that almost half of the most popular cases show a woman as the main protagonist or, in the case of violent cases where multiple characters appear in a single protagonist, the main leader in a focused organization. Although nearly a quarter of the cases were written last year, some of the most popular cases, including Cadbury and Design in May, have been around since the first years of our program more than ten years ago. Almost two-thirds of the most popular cases are “raw” cases – Yale’s novel, a web-based model that allows a combination of text, documents, spreadsheets, and videos on a website.

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