Union Music Use Advertising – The Psychological Benefits Of Music In Advertising


Music in advertising, a thing that has become so obvious that, without music, the advertisement doesn’t feel like an advertisement. The long history of music in advertising has made it an inseparable part.

Music has been a fundamental part of advertising since the 1920s. The tradition of specially composed songs and jingles has been there from the era of 1920 only. The first radio jingles were by Wheatley, which encouraged the audience to listen to Wheatley. From there on, business people started to understand the necessity and influence of music in advertising. In1934, an independent company started composing jingles for different advertisements of various companies. The company was named “Muzak”. After television came into the market, Chiquita Banana became the first commercial to play on TV in 1944. Since then, the journey of television jingles has been continuous.

Non-Union Music Use Advertising :


Music is more memorable than speech. Adding catchy music to the advertisement makes it more memorable because people get hooked to that music. With that music, content also makes a place in the customer’s head. This makes the consumer recall the brand repeatedly and quite easily. People get attracted to great music very quickly, and better music in your advertisement makes you stand out in the crowd.


Different people have different tastes, so in music, when you use different genres, a group of people with that kind of taste show more attention. Music influences the moods and emotions appealing to the audience. In this way, Businesses reach the target audience.


Good advertising songs become the source of entertainment. The added aesthetics with the music makes the ad more enjoyable for the viewers. So they keep on hearing the song repeatedly.

Music narrates the remarkable story:

When the lyrics and tempo of the music are set according to what shows on TV, communication happens at its best. A beautiful melody increases the impact of the visuals and makes it easy to communicate the story better.


Next time you start humming the song you came across while watching a television advertisement, you know that the Businessman became successful in incorporating the music in that advertisement. If you are a Businessman, you have a perfect example of teaching you how to use music in advertising and increase sales and loyal customers. Look into the details of the music and figure out what you can do for your brand to have such a perfect advertisement.

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