What are some great DIY wedding ideas?


If like most of us, you are hoping to save a little money, only have moderate to average creative and crafting abilities, and get really excited about the ideas of things, but really, really like not being stressed, What are the perfect ideas to spend your time (and money) DIYing?

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  1. Hey, here are some really easy DIY Wedding Ideas to save time and money.
    1. Involve as many family members as possible and especially elderly who are well versed in chants and prayers.
    2. Assign easy tasks to family members who are willing to do the arts and crafts only hire employee for more Complex designs and save in money. Hire some local boys to help with small errands and nothing technical.
    3. Design minimalistic wedding plans which is not ornated excessively.
    4. A small wedding location and Invite only important people if you cannot support a large crowd.
    5. If three to four relatives are good at cooking food then having lower number of guests will require less food to be made and hence you can do it yourself.
    6. Lastly use a moving company to fully help you with packing and moving goods to from one place to another. The bride moves into the grooms’ house, have the movers shift all her belongings to the grooms’ house before the day of the wedding. For example if you live in the city of Ahmedabad, then searching for the best packers and movers in Ahmedabad is your priority,it is also a good reference for finding other essential moving services. You can also use them to move around goods from the warehouse to the wedding hall.

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