What are some simple ways to improve customer satisfaction?


I’ve always found that making sure customers can reach you across various channels is a great way to keep them happy. No one likes being forced to call when they’d rather text, or vice-versa. And since companies like Clerk Chat have even created platforms that allow users to send text to landline online, making yourself available in a way that’s convenient for customers is relatively easy these days.
Another important aspect of customer satisfaction is managing expectations. A customer might be perfectly happy waiting six days for a project to be delivered, but if you promise you’ll get it done in 24 hours, they’ll be very upset if it ends up taking 5 days. And it’s easy to understand why.
So make sure your sales team is being honest about timelines, results, and potential future complications. If your team has been trained to overpromise, even a great product and service may end up disappointing customers, all because they were promised even more than what they got.

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