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  1. Ans. There are many applications of Clove essential oil. A few of them are listed below.


    Clove oil is a very powerful antiseptic, which makes it great for purifying the air.

    Either add 4 drops of Clove oil to your diffuser or mix 8 drops of Clove oil with 30ml of Witch Hazel and 30ml of Avocado oil in a 60ml amber glass spritz bottle. Spray as a room spray and purify the air at the same time.


    Clove oil is also antispasmodic which makes it great for alleviating muscle pain or stomach cramping when applied topically.

    In a 30ml amber aromatherapy bottle mix 25ml Avocado oil and 4 drops of Clove oil. Shake to blend and massage into sore muscles or rub on abdomen in a clockwise motion.


    Clove oil has great insecticide benefits and can help deter insects when diffused indoors our outdoors or by dampening a cotton swab and placing them in places like the attic or by doorways that insects like to crawl into.


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